Stratastencil Animation

Project Description:

To create this mesmerising effect we hand-cut each image of the animation out on a sheet of card. They were clipped up to a long rig and moved backwards frame by frame. About 650 pieces of card were used to create this trippy paper tunnel.

This project was made using:

Stop Motion

We make lots of different forms of stop motion animation. We work in sand, with zoetropes and with paper, but it never fails to give us something hand crafted and unique. Probably the most time consuming style we work in!


Working in silhouettes is one of our specialties. We love the contrast in colours and design style between the character and the environment and think silhouettes can show wonderful emotion and expression.

They delivered a truly fantastic piece of work. Their talent, creativity and sense of fun shone through the piece. Anna was incredibly knowledgeable and put together a great script very quickly. The team set a clear timetable for the work – including storyboards, review points, time for tweaks etc – and stuck to it.

Cordelia Hebblethwaite

Commissioning Editor, BBC

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