Midnight Ballroom

Project Description:

After the reaction to our first zoetrope, we decided to make another one. This time, we’re keeping things 2D and have created a set of 15 spinning discs with frame by frame animation happening all the way around each one. We then used a converted old record player to spin them while we took a series of stills to create this rather unusual effect.

We bring you the music from across the world in Midnight Ballroom!

Music by the incredible Tallulah Goodtimes.

This project was made using:

Stop Motion

We make lots of different forms of stop motion animation. We work in sand, with zoetropes and with paper, but it never fails to give us something hand crafted and unique. Probably the most time consuming style we work in!


A zoetrope is one of the first types of pre-film animation techniques that produces the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings or photographs showing progressive phases of that motion. We think they look awesome!

They seem to really understand how to talk to an audience, whatever their age and whatever subject you are talking about. But it’s their creativity when coming up with ideas for projects that really makes them stand out for me.

Ed Lang

Project Manager, Hopscotch

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