Lotte Reiniger. The Unsung Heroine of Early Animation

Project Description:

Lotte Reiniger pioneered early animation, yet her name remains largely unknown. We pay homage to her life and work, and reflect on why she never received the recognition she deserves.

Made for the BBC, this forms part of our online series of animations called “Forgotten Females” where we celebrate different women who have been marginalised or written out of history.

Music by Alex Harwood.

This project was made using:

2D Digital

The limitations are pretty boundless in the world of digital animation and we are forever researching and investing in the latest programs and effects that we can use to bring a story to life to make it extra special.


Working in silhouettes is one of our specialties. We love the contrast in colours and design style between the character and the environment and think silhouettes can show wonderful emotion and expression.

Their films made me cry, they are so moving! I want to see more!

Chris Sims

Random Person, YouTube

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