Circle of Life

Project Description:

We wanted to create something a bit different for Easter and were a little obsessed with zoetropes at the time! This ended up as one of the most fun things we’ve ever created. The 3D model was built out of card and each character was cut out by hand. It spins on an old converted record player.

The Circle of Life showcases the harsh realities of life in an English country garden. This 3D zoetrope has birth, death, and headbanging carrots.

Music by Tallulah Goodtimes.
Record player home electronics thanks to Mike Pye.

This project was made using:

Stop Motion

We make lots of different forms of stop motion animation. We work in sand, with zoetropes and with paper, but it never fails to give us something hand crafted and unique. Probably the most time consuming style we work in!


A zoetrope is one of the first types of pre-film animation techniques that produces the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings or photographs showing progressive phases of that motion. We think they look awesome!

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