Meet the Team

We are Studio Panda

Studio Panda creates animations to be enjoyed by everyone. We like experimenting with little known techniques and making films that look unique. We like to work both independently and in collaboration with others, so do let us know if you want to join forces to create anything fun.

The Team

Anna Humphries

Creative Director

Co-founder Anna is the creative mind behind Studio Panda and is involved in everything from writing, designing, storyboarding, and animating. An internationally acclaimed director from the National Film and Television School, Anna’s films have won awards and been screened across the world.

Jon Lawrence

Production Director

Jon is our producer extraordinaire – he wears many hats, including paying all the bills on time, making sure we all have somewhere to work and some cool stuff to work on! As the studio’s co-founder, he manages to cast his eye on everything the company creates and is usually the one you’ll meet to talk about new projects or collaborations.

Tom Boot


Tom is a brilliant 2D and 3D animator, who specialises in game design and motion graphics. Whatever needs to be done, Tom instantly knows how to do it. We’re pretty sure he’s secretly a robot.

Sophie Humphries


Sophie creates beautiful artwork for animations, games and graphics. She has illustrated books, designed clothes, created computer game characters and invented about a million logos.

Amelia Chiew

Animator & Illustrator

Amelia is a happy animator. Her rabbit Liang Liang is her best friend. She loves to play music and sometimes practices yoga in her free time so she may one day fulfil her dreams of folding herself into a pretzel.

Alexandra Harwood


Alex has an incredible ability to create magic and evoke the most powerful emotions with her music. She has scored big screen Hollywood movies as well as TV shows for Netflix and the BBC amongst others.

Client Testimonials

We have made a few co-productions with Studio Panda and they are the best animation company we have ever worked with. Our last joint project got nominated for a BAFTA, that’s how good they are.


Testimony Films

Their films made me cry, they are so moving! I want to see more!

Chris Sims

Random Person, YouTube

They seem to really understand how to talk to an audience, whatever their age and whatever subject you are talking about. But it’s their creativity when coming up with ideas for projects that really makes them stand out for me.

Ed Lang

Project Manager, Hopscotch

They delivered a truly fantastic piece of work. Their talent, creativity and sense of fun shone through the piece. Anna was incredibly knowledgeable and put together a great script very quickly. The team set a clear timetable for the work – including storyboards, review points, time for tweaks etc – and stuck to it.

Cordelia Hebblethwaite

Commissioning Editor, BBC